We offer plant-based products made with high quality botanicals in small batches. Labeled with a focus on design, sustainability and community growth.

Beargrass Ltd. Co. is a public benefits company based in Louisville KY – our product sales allow us to give back to the community by supporting environmental and educational causes. We hope that you will join us by using our all natural, synthetic-free products so that we may be a catalyst for positive change in the world, one community at a time. 10% of our profit will go to local charities, like the Beargrass Waterways Alliance, Youth-Build, and AMPed Louisville. 

We got our name from Beargrass Creek, a tributary of the Ohio River that flows through many neighborhoods in Louisville. It’s a vital ecosystem in our hometown that provides essentials to plant and animal phyla. It’s a destination spot for children and adults who explore the creek in parks and backyards alike. Overtime the creek has been rerouted, paved over, polluted in, and misused. Protecting this waterway is of utmost importance to us at Beargrass, so that it can be used by future generations, for drinking water, nourishment, and enjoyment.

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We thank you for your support.


david@beargrass.co  |  1023 S. 1st St Louisville KY 40203